Tuesday October 28th at 10AM. That’s when I’m getting my tattoo

It’s going to be this [slightly tweaked/altered from the original design] :


The original design was made by ladyrinlyn and I asked her for permission if it’s okay to get it tattooed on my arm. I’m very, very excited. I’m also very glad Amanda asked to see the written permission of the original artist before agreeing to do my tattoo. 

I hope you post a picture of it when it’s finished! I’m still amazed people actually want to get my art tattoed on them. It’s so cool!

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what if amestris had military balls?

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I buried gracie in leaves today. I felt bad afterward because she didn’t really like it haha.

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Navi really bothered me when I was a kid, but I’ve grown out of it. She’s someone that’s always there for Link. I won’t go on forever about it, but I really think she gets too much hate.

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inktober day 16!
Are you tired of me drawing girls with flowy hair yet?

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inktober day 15!

so my awesome friend xxmossgardenxx sent me a wonderful gift, so I thought the least I could do was draw her a lovely picture of her wife.

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My friend xxmossgardenxx sent me these lovely lush bath bombs in the mail! I’m so excited! I’ve never used one before and they smell amazing. It also came with a super nice note and I’m so thankful I have a friend like Brooke.

Look out lady, you’re getting an inktober sketch just for you tonight.

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Hi everyone! I have a small idea. I think we should all try to find a couple of random blogs (or blogs we really like) and send anon love to them! A positive, personalized message is sometimes what someone really needs to turn their day around ;v; If you could pass this post on so others can see it and decide to participate as well, I think that would be wonderful!! This idea definitely has no time limit, so anytime you can spread a little positivity is a great time! Let’s try to make someone’s day a little brighter!!

# I'm rebloging this here too # i really love this idea # go send some love to people who really need it!

inktober day 14!
I’m really glad I kept my colorful inks from college. 

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I probably don’t have to do this, but I thought I’d give a little update about my mental health.

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