Hi guys! Just want to let you know I’m most likely not going to be updating with any art for a little bit. I hate doing this, but I really need to spend a little bit of time editing some sites of mine. I’m really not the brightest when it comes to anything like this, so it takes a lot longer to get things done than it should.

I also feel kind of uninspired lately, despite wanting to try new techniques digitally. I’m also currently really run down and frustrated, but hopefully that will go away soon. I really doubt it will be longer than a week before I have some art to post, and honestly it might only be a few days the way my mind works.

But anyway just wanted to keep you updated! I’ll still be around tumblr, so if you have any questions I’ll be here!

Another site update!
I also finished a facebook page for my art! It’s a little slow going right now, but I should have it running smoothly in the the next few days, with updates in an hour or so!
For the time being, I’ll be updating with art I have already posted on here, and maybe a few pieces I did back in school.
I intend to use it pretty similarly to my blog, but with more WIP updates and less fanart (Though I still will post ones I’m really proud of)
If you have a facebook, I’d really appreaciate a like!

hi guys! I’m going to be busy for a few days adjusting sites I have, but I have news!
After months of slacking off, I finally got around to finishing my website! I still have a pretty lackluster about page (I can’t ever write about myself) but that should be fixed in a few days!

This is really just for online portfolio purposes. All the art on there is things I have already posted on my blog, but please feel free to check it out!

Side note, part of the reason it took me so long to get this done is that I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use my first and last name professionally or just my first and middle. I opted for the second option haha.

what's the most difficult thing for you to draw?

oh god I’m not even sure honestly. I feel like maybe figures involving foreshortening? Although lately I’ve been doing better at that. It depends heavily on whether I’m in a slump or not honestly. OH WAIT I suuuuuck at drawing men. I really really hate doing it and I’m trying but good lord why are they so hard to draw?

Sunflowers are my absolute favorite flower. I’ve never had much luck growing them though. I have a couple this year, and so far they’re growing nicely, but who knows if they’ll actually bloom haha.

Bored question time? well ok. Have you gotten any of the tattoos you've designed on yourself? (why was that so awkward to phrase)

haha i’m absolutely horrible with words so don’t even worry.
No I haven’t actually! I don’t have any tattoos at all. It’s such a shame because I really like them a lot (especially watercolor ones if you couldn’t tell) but I dunno it’s just such a hard decision to make. I wouldn’t rule out getting one, but it would have to be the most perfect thing with a lot of meaning behind it. Plus I have no money, and I would want to get one done by a very good tattoo artist, so there’s that haha.

Help Moss’ raise money like crazy post! Commission Moss!



I am in a really bad place this month financially and going forward with bills I can’t pay fast approaching. I also can’t afford any food this month and been living off the kindness of friends.

I’m not shmooze being lazy. I’ve been working my ass off for 6 months now, to try and find a new job since I was forced to leave my last one. While I finally do have two interviews this Sunday and Monday, I am still not guaranteed to get these jobs or have a paycheck in time for bills coming up. On-top of that, my measly unemployment of $100 A WEEK ends this Sunday (tomorrow). I will be filing for an extension, but I am also not guaranteed to that either, since I may not have worked long enough at my last job.

I’m not one to go out and beg, EVER. I’m a very prideful person and its taking a lot alone to do this. I’m in no need for people just throwing money at me (even if it would help me). I want to work for any money I earn. So I am opening emergency fanart commissions.

I am opening simple commissions at the following pricing;

$5 for a black and white bust shot (chest up) of one character.

$10 for colored bust of one character.

For additional characters, please add $5 to the base cost.

$15 for full body black and white.

$20 for full body colored.

For additional characters, please add $5 to the base cost.

For something most complex, just message me and we can work things out.

I am open to almost anything, but I do have a few limitations and things I will not draw.


NO RAPE/PORN/SEX. (I am open to VERY softcore poses, but I reserve judgment of how far I am willing to go with it. Simple intimacy is fine.)

Things I will draw!
Anime and Manga Characters

Game Characters

Book and Movie Characters

Anthropomorphic characters.

Original Characters (I require a pretty detailed description of your character, unless you want me to take artistic liberties with it. We can also collaborate. )

Pet Portraits

I am not open to environments or backgrounds at this time (I do not feel  comfortable enough in my skill level to do these still)

So please, if you can help me out by commissioning me and sharing this like crazy, I’d be forever grateful! You’re all amazing and I thank you in advance!


Examples of my work;







View more of my work here and here!

Hi everyone! xxmossgardenxx is a dear friend of mine and is going through some pretty tough times financially, as you can read above. If you could, please reblog this post to help get word around, and even better if you commission her :D
Thanks so much everyone!

I felt compelled to draw a picture of Lucina. I have yet to play Fire Emblem Awakening, but hearing that she is playable in the new smash bros made me very excited.

what a lazy boy.

I actually like fire emblem a lot! I didn’t list it though because I’ve only really played like 4 games out of the series, so there’s a ton of characters I know nothing about. But marth is fine!
He’s such a pretty boy omg.