I think I’m going to be crazy and draw a ton of fire emblem characters over the next few days.

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the sky is really pretty right now.

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The winners of the smash bros 4 3ds demo giveaway are tacos-truck and paigeashaw I’ll send you both an ask in just a moment.
You’ve got until 9:20 est tomorrow to answer!

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Okay guys I’m doing a mini giveaway.

So since I was a platinum member on club nintendo earlier this year, I qualified for an early demo of smash bros 4 3ds. I got an email with 4 download codes for the demo, which apparently will be released publicly next week. I have used two of the codes, meaning I have 2 codes left to giveaway.

So for this giveaway, I’m only counting likes. Reblog this as many time as you want, but you only get one entry for liking this post.

This giveaway will end tomorrow September 13 at 9 pm EST. I will contact the two winners through an ask on my other blog, galaxywaltz
If no one answers me within 24 hours I will pick another winner.

Good luck!

giveaway is over! thank you everyone!

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Hey xxmossgardenxx remember the other day I said I’d make you a photoshop shortcut poster? Well I did!

Posting here too because I’m sure someone out there will find this useful.

There are more shortcuts than this on photoshop, but these are the ones I use more than anything else. Using these makes workflow a lot better. You don’t  have to stop what you’re doing all the time to click a bunch of things.

Edit: I knew I forgot something! Command T activates free transform.

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Anonymous: i just saw your art of korra crying and i just wanted to let you know that the movement and rhythm are so vivid and realistic that out of my peripheral vision it looks as if the tear is actually dripping down

wow thank you so much for sending this to me! that’s really cool!
I’m actually really fond of that painting, but for whatever reason I’m having a hard time trying to replicate that same technique lately haha.

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Oh! I guess I forgot to mention that I recently hit 700 followers! I can’t even believe it! Thank you all so much!

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It’s hard to get much of anything done when all you ever do is hold yourself back.

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Here’s a warm up painting I took too far haha.
I’ve always really wanted to paint Asami.

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Oh boy I’ve got a lot on my plate.
Big wip update because I don’t think I’ll be updating much for a little while. These are only some of the wips I have right now. I have at least 5 other drawing in mind.This is probably over a months worth of work for me, and I really need to learn to take my time on projects. I’ve been rushing too much lately.
Also this is sort of unrelated, but I’m not going to be around tumblr, or the internet in general much in coming days. I’m not doing so great and I think it would be best to get away for a little while. I gotta give myself a pep talk and really work on what’s important.
So I hope these wips hold you over for a little while. I’ll probably have some small sketches updated in between these big projects.

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