Here’s the finished image of that tutorial by itself.

Gee I wonder who Winry is lecturing haha.

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Hi guys! I did a quick tutorial on how I color my sketches. There’s not really much to it, as the actual sketching is the hardest part, but nonetheless I hope this is helpful to someone out there!

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Here’s the finished image of that tutorial by itself.

Gee I wonder who Winry is lecturing haha.

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Hi guys! I did a quick tutorial on how I color my sketches. There’s not really much to it, as the actual sketching is the hardest part, but nonetheless I hope this is helpful to someone out there!

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My younger brother started his senior year of high school today. My goodness does that make me feel really old.

Anyway, just wanted to say that if you’re going back to school soon, or are already back, good luck to you! I used to get so nervous before going back to school that I would actually make myself sick. Just hang in there everyone and I hope you have a great year!

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Okay here’s the deal, I’m almost certain that I’m going to make three different tutorials for the three main ways I make my art. Two will probably be pretty short and in image and text form, and the other I’m thinking of doing a video on. The video one, (if I can pull it off because my laptop makes it extremely hard to run recording software and photoshop at the same time, which is part of the reason I don’t do streams anymore) I will try my best to explain my digital painting process and will include how I deal with color, value, and paint strokes. The thing is, I’m not sure if I should just do that on my own time, or run a stream where people can ask specifically what they want to know. If I do it on my own, I will probably be a lot less scatterbrained and stuff like that, but I may not cover everything you guys would want to know. Or maybe you can send me specific questions so I can cover it in the recording? Yeah actually that would be great. Please, if there is a specific thing you would like me to cover in my tutorials (which will be about watercolor, flat colored sketches, and full digital paintings) send me an ask or reply to this post. I’ll do my best to explain whatever it is you want to know.

Anyway, on a slightly related note, I really do apologize for all the text posts I’ve been making lately. I keep feeling like I’m posting less and less art as time goes on. The thing is, if I do go all out on these tutorials, it’s probably going to be a little while before I have some good art to post. I may only have little sketches for awhile. I’m assuming these tutorials are going to take a little while to do, so I apologize in advance.

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xiulric: watercolor tutorial?? please?

that is certainly a possibility! would anyone else be interested in one? I kinda want to do one for each different way that I work, but I don’t even know if anyone would want to see them haha.

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Anonymous: What's your favorite color(s)?

mostly a lot of purples, but I also really like some softer shades of pink and a lot of oranges.

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Anonymous: Got a fandom?

a favorite fandom I’m assuming? I don’t know. I don’t actually consider myself to be very fandom oriented. I mean there’s lots of shows and games I really like, and I actively make fanart for some but I’m reluctant to say I’m a part of them.

I think it’s mostly because there are very negative sides to ever single fandom in existence, and I just don’t like that at all so i try to avoid getting into these things.

If anything, I think I’d probably say the legend of zelda. I’ve loved the series since I was 6. I also follow a lot of zelda blogs haha.

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Anonymous: What is your favorite type of art? O.o

You know, that’s a really good question. I have a huge folder on my desktop dedicated to art I find really inspiring. I gotta say there’s not much I don’t like.

I’m really inspired by old masters, like Mucha, Degas, Monet, Cole, Sargent, and Friedrich. Studying all of them during all the art history courses I had to take really impacted my work. But I’m not much of an oil painter, so those I guess translated to my digital work and drawings.

I also really like a lot of contemporary illustrators. I’ve been very inspired by Yuko Shimizu and Sam Spratt specifically. Both of them gave lectures at the college I went to and their work is just so beautiful. I also really like Jillian Tamaki and Brittney Lee.

Then I also have to list a couple of the teachers I had in college. Ryan O’Rourke is a children’s book illustrator, and happened to be one of the best teachers I had at that school. He was very informative and gave such great advice. Really great demos too. And he bought two images from my senior show, so that’s a bonus. Also, Jerry LoFaro has phenomenal hyper realistic digital paintings. He’s crazy about dinosaurs, so if you like that you should check out his work. Both of them were really influential in my work, and my work ethic in general. Absolutely fantastic artists and instructors. Oh and I can’t forget Polly Becker. She’s the reason why my work is so varied. She encouraged us to try as many things as we can, even if we weren’t that successful. She really wanted us to not be tied down by what makes us safe, and to try as many things as you possibly can. She has really great ink and watercolor work that I really admire, but also is an assemblage artist, which is really interesting.

Then finally there are all the artists, both experienced and just starting out here on tumblr that blow my mind. I can’t list them all because that would be a crazy long list. You get people from all walks of life posting there work on here. Everyone has such a unique style and voice in their work, even if they think it’s not that great or they can’t see it.

If you looked up some of the artists I listed above, you’ll probably notice that there isn’t really one particular style of art I favor over another. I love realistic portraits, but I also like really stylized ones as well. I love every media. I love crisp line work. I love sketch line work. I love really heavy brush strokes. I love to see people branching out and trying new things, even if it makes them uncomfortable.

There’s just so much that art and artists have to offer. It’s all really beautiful.

That was probably a very wordy answers that didn’t make any sense. I’m just very passionate about art haha.

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